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Milner, Liz

Photographer for the Portishead Quays Public Art Programme.

Artist's Statement:Liz Milner Photograph

Liz Milner is based in Bristol and has many years experience of working with different aspects of photography. As a freelance photographer she has worked in advertising, PR, industrial and documentary photography for local government, national and European charities, environmental groups and the voluntary sector, but specialises in documenting a range of arts projects, including performance, sculpture and artists at work.

Contact Email / Website: [email protected]

Career Highlights:

Producing her own photographic work for exhibition and installations is important too and she is a member of artists' group Ship of Fools who have worked together on a number of new media projects for exhibition or the internet.

Projects Liz Milner Photograph

Another important area of work for Liz is her involvement in a wide range of arts and media projects working with adults, young people and children to facilitate their personal creativity through photography and new media, and as a visiting lecturer, Liz has also taught photography at the Faculty of Art Media and Design, and the School of Culture and Media Studies at the University of the West of England.